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Unleash the Power of VeChainThor.  

Thrudheim combines expertise in IT Strategy, Corporate Governance, and Audit/Compliance to onboard startups and SME's to the VeChainThor Blockchain.

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Implementing a major blockchain project is expensive, time-consuming, and complex.  Yet, the cost-savings and operational efficiencies more than offset the risks.  To make sure you succeed, you need a team of advisors who will navigate you through the project lifecycle, from analysis through to execution and optimization.


A successful blockchain implementation requires a comprehensive look at the processes and context in which the implementation occurs.  Design and Development are necessary, but not sufficient, aspects of a successful launch.  Thrudheim works with design and development partners to align business goals with technology output.  


Whether you are an SME seeking blockchain enhancements to your supply chain, or you're a startup seeking a token-issuance for the VeChain Ecosystem, Thrudheim helps you rally the experts, resources, and best practices to ensure your project is a success. 


Get Ready.

  • Blockchain 101 Workshops and Education
  • Use-Case Ideation Session
  • Comprehensive Operations Impact Analysis, including analysis of technology, process, and regulations.

Get Set.


  • Define Scope of Project
  • Architect Solution
  • Identify Design/Development Partners and Plan
  • Complete Application Development
  • Conduct Testing on VeChainThor
  • Migrate all Systems and Launch

About VeChain

VeChain is the world's leading enterprise blockchain solution and IOT hardware provider.  A top-20 blockchain based on coin market cap, VeChain has emerged from a supply-chain focused solution to a fully public blockchain protocol, complete with token-offerings, hardware solutions, and enterprise blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) capabilities.  

VeChain clients include PwC, DNV GL, BMW, LVMH, and Renault, plus many others that have not yet been made public.  

VeChain combines hardware, application development, and a leading public blockchain (VeChainThor) to offer a total set of blockchain solutions for business needs.  

Thrudheim & VeChain

Thrudheim serves as a  VeChain Ecosystem ambassador and enterprise blockchain partner.  As a public blockchain, anyone can offer services to onboard companies onto VeChainThor, but our informal ties to the VeChain Community and team make us the partner of choice for anyone wanting to connect with VeChain. 

To be clear, we only work with those businesses wishing to utilize the VeChainThor public blockchain, and/or IoT solution hardware from VeChain and partners. 

Broadly, our focus is on Small-to-Medium Enterprises seeking to transform their supply chain: 

  • Luxury Goods
  • Alcohol
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Complex manufacturing (Turbines, Aviation, Automotive, etc.)

Some of the additional use cases we support include: 

  • Startups looking to issue a token (ICO) on VeChainThor. 
  • Existing companies looking to migrate an existing blockchain business from Hyperledger or Ethereum.
  • Enterprise clients wanting to migrate a dApp from Ethereum or Hyperledger.
  • Startups wanting to raise money or find other support inside the VeChain ecosystem. 

    Thrudheim is your partner to bring your blockchain vision to life, using the proven resources of VeChain.  

    Founding Partners

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    Dev Ramnarine

    Dev Ramnarine is an internationally experienced auditor and accountant.  He is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK).  Formerly of PwC Trinidad, Dev has spent the past fifteen years as a financial consultant working for clients such as Citibank, Angostura, Petrotrin, GlaxoSmithKline, Resources Group Professionals, and many others.  Dev's specialities cover numerous areas that are applicable to the blockchain planning process, including SAP/ERP implementations and changeovers, data integrity management, all areas of audit, process and quality improvement, risk management, corporate governance, and anti-money laundering.  

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    Jason Rockwood

    Jason Rockwood is a forward-looking digital transformation executive and former Chief Information Officer.  Jason has been active in cryptocurrency and blockchain since buying Bitcoin in 2011 at $10.   He was formerly Vice President of Innovation and acting CIO at the Miami HEAT and the American Airlines Arena, where he covered all aspects of enterprise IT, including application development, digital customer experience design, and IT strategy.  Jason discovered VeChain in 2017, and immediately recognized its potential to transform how enterprises operate.  He  founded Thrudheim LLC in April 2018 as an expression of his commitment to expanding the VeChain Ecosystem and the number of companies it serves. 

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    Feel free to contact us via your preferred method.  We are easily reachable via this form, email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Our physical offices are in Miami, however, we travel frequently and can easily meet you at most US destinations. 

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